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Project Description

Project Assets: Naming, Logo Design, Tagline, Website Design & Development, Info Sheet, User Guide, and Communications Strategy

Project Brief

Originally named Lateral Agile Partnerships aka LAPs, this online tool’s name was hard to remember, and the first website didn’t quite capture the personalization needed to convey the goal of the initiative of teaming certified small firms with Primes to succeed. The Portland Development Commission (PDC) awarded a contract to Twirl to rebrand/redesign the LAPs initiative. The project scope entailed creating a new name, tagline, communications plan, and the design and development of a new website.

Twirl felt it was important to simplify the LAPs story and make the tool more approachable and intuitive as well as remove any of the confusing jargon. We began with current brand discovery, audience research, and overall strategy. The new name and tagline had to speak to the culture and needs of the intended audience.

A big hurdle small, certified firms struggle with is not being perceived as qualified and experience enough to do the job. Consequently, this led us to believe in a name that focused on their talent first and then their diverse certifications. This new online tool will be housing a pool of wonderful talent so understanding those simple concepts “Talentwell” was born. Twirl paired the new name with an aspirational and active tagline, Redefining Opportunity.

After all this new online tool is helping redefine how agencies and primes find partners to team with as well as meet their equity goals. It’s a win-win. Twirl met their teaming goals by engaging PixeLovely for custom web development and Probity Builders for their audience expertise.

“Twirl’s recommendations for re-naming, the logo development and accompanying graphic interpretation, along with the marketing strategy captured the energy, freshness and appeal we sought to reflect in the personification of this medium. These recommendations were enhanced by Twirl’s efficient and detailed project management strategies; including, but not limited to, a technology partnership which resulted in a customized, integrated webpage that is easy to maintain.”

“Kudos to you Twirl! I anxiously look forward to the prospect of doing business with you again in the near future.”

Patricia Weekley, Equity Coordinator at PDC