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Project Description

Project Assets: Logo Design, Tagline Development, Stationary, Signage

Project Brief

The Swake Group literally walks their clients home every step of the way. Real Estate can be a very lucrative business. It’s also an incredibly challenging one. When you’ve been successful in the business and working for someone else, you’re bound to want to spread your own wings.  Todd Swajzkowski, a successful realtor in Chicago, along with two partners did just that.  When they approached Twirl, they were ready to begin their brand Identity development process.

Luckily for Twirl, this group was pretty definitive as to what they stood for and what they hoped to be which gave us a great foundation to work with. One of our challenges was to co-brand the parent company Keller Williams (KW) with Swake Group’s marketing materials keeping KW’s corporate standards in mind.

Twirl solved the problem by borrowing from KW’s standard color palette and adding several new complimentary hues to establish Swake Group’s unique color palette. This helped eliminate any visual disruption that often happens when two different company logos are next to each other.

Twirl’s goal was to differentiate Swake Group from other realtors (competitors). Rather than taking a literal approach to describing their professional services we came up with the tagline “Walking you home every step of the way” to create a warm, old-school, personalized approach that had professional appeal yet communicated their most important attribute: excellent service. The stylized /abstract “S’ icon symbolizes stepping stones not unlike what you would find leading to the entrance of a home. The final brand was conveyed with sophistication, warmth and expertise. Exactly what Swake Group desired.

“Twirl immediately immersed itself in my business–gaining an acute understanding of my company’s goals and mission. They developed a brand personality that truly represents who we are and what we stand for.”

Todd Swajkowski, President, Swake Group